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#1 2019-05-03 06:26:54

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ffmpeg and gvfs upgrade

The newest version of ffmpeg (in i686/extra) was apparently built against libx264.so.157 (and libx265.so.169). But libx264 in extra is libx264.so.155 so you need to upgrade it from testing. But gvfs from extra still requires libx.so.155, and we end up in a loop. So, even if you only want to upgrade ffmpeg from extra, you end up upgrading x264 and gvfs from testing. Not much of a problem, but I just post it in case someone else is like me and keeps testing disabled by default.


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Re: ffmpeg and gvfs upgrade

Happened to me yesterday too.
The problem already seems to be fixed.

Try updating your mirrors with

pacman -Syyu

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