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  1. <![CDATA[Arch Linux 32 Forums / Trying Arch 32 from USB ...


    By default Archlinux basic install does not provide any graphic driver, window server and desktop environment, you should choice them, install them and you'll get the GUI what you want.

  2. Installation (Page 3) / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    03.05.2018 · Topic Replies Views Last post; 61. Solved German keyboard layout before login by Stefan_1957

  3. Warnung: ca-certificates-mozilla: Lokale Version (3.44.1-1 ...


    What problem are you reporting? I only see some warnings. I also get the ca-certs warning, but have thus far ignored it because I recall I got a warning on a different package after switching from archlinux to arch32, and that was just noise.

  4. Intel Mobile 945GM/GMS/GME, 943/940GML Express: Display ...


    After first boot, the grub screen display perfect, but once it started to boot 80% of the display on the left side is complete scrambled and one cannot read what is displayed.

  5. [SOLVED] Main web site page timing out / System ...


    There was some problem with that server. It affected only that website, though.

  6. CUPS installation fails due to download error for QPDF -7 ...


    qpdf is currently version 7.1.0-1.0 have you run . pacman -Sy. before trying to install cups?

  7. boot iso image directly with grub / Testing / Arch Linux ...


    Tested on an asus 1000h netbook. Check/update the folders. My iso was on an BTRFS subvol "@data" - omit if you use fat32/ext4, the partition was named "root".

  8. [Solved] Transition from official Arch to Arch32 ...


    I have an old 32bit P4 machine which is running official Arch a the moment and I was wondering if it would be possible to switch from official repositories to Arch32 repositories so I can continue updating my OS without completely reinstalling it.

  9. In which config file to place nvidia-settings --load ...


    09.05.2018 · I am using nvidia-96xx-dkms driver. Screen is too bright so I had to apply a gamma correction of 0.5-0.6. I used the "nvidia-settings" utility, to move the gamma slider, config is saved, however it isn't set after boot.

  10. core/linux-lts / Creating/Maintaining Packages / Arch ...


    17.11.2017 · This brings up another issue: when the 64-bit-guys (no offence meant) throw out more 32-bit stuff in PKGBUILD, I expect to see tons of broken packages here.