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  1. Kernel Configuration Issue / Kernel & Hardware / Arch ...


    19.09.2018 · Thanks for the quick response! Thanks as well for the contact info. I’ll have to join the IRC when I’m back at my home machine. For what it’s worth, I also noticed that CONFIG_NFT_CONNLIMIT and CONFIG_NFT_SOCKET are also not enabled.

  2. eschwartz's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  3. glibc 2.28 / Announcements / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    A few days ago some (crucial) packages linked against glibc 2.28 were falsely moved to [core] [extra] [community], while glibc-2.28 was still in [testing].

  4. Firefox 58 needs Rust 1.23 or build will fail / Creating ...


    Thanks for the hint, but we build everything from staging (which is some other times a bad idea), so that we will use / used rust-1:1.23.0

  5. System is not able to resume after hibernate / Kernel ...


    I cannot get hibernate and resume properly my system, the point is apparently hibernation is done, but when I try to resume the system it restarts abruptly and becomes a fresh start.

  6. community/biber or network access / Creating/Maintaining ...


    I don't know what's going on - on my machine (nlopc43), it also built fine and now it's uploaded. That said, the build slaves (rechenknecht, buildknecht and buildknecht2) should have internet access - maybe it was some temporary problem?

  7. knedlyk's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  8. where can i get the rootfs of archlinux32 ? / Installation ...


    01.02.2019 · You should easily be able to create one. Just pacstrap into a directory and gz it.

  9. community/libreoffice-online / Creating/Maintaining ...


    depends is resolved before makedepends and if libreoffice-still is in testing while libreoffice-fresh is in stable, then "libreoffice" will be resolved by libreoffice-still, creating an issue.

  10. Migrate Manjaro to Archlinux32? / Installation / Arch ...


    I have just installed Manjaro XFCE i686 on a very old (circa 2004) HP ProLiant ML110 and it works great! But now I hear that support for 32 bit systems is going to stop in November.