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  1. Framerius's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  2. Please add st-terminal to the official repository ...


    You can build aur packages "the normal way", you can also try to bump the pkgver to reflect the new release. I don't know if that works for st, but it's worth a trial.

  3. [SOLVED] LightDM issue / System Administration / Arch ...


    18.01.2019 · I did my weekly update few days ago and seems like it was a big one. Once finished, I saw that I couldn't mount Windows shares anymore. I thought a reboot would maybe clear that out.

  4. [SOLVED] pacman (5.1.0-2.0) breaks dependency 'pacman ...


    now that you mention this, where are you downloading 'downgrade' from? AFAIK the only one available is the AUR one and its 'remote' options are all from the upstream Arch server.

  5. Problem Building package (pentium4) / Building / Arch ...


    25.05.2019 · Even using i686 everywhere doens't make a difference and i am stuck. Any ideas??

  6. Javier68's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  7. Where can I find free photoshop online? / Installation ...


    Good Day peoples! I'm newbie in the web. And yet I do not understand how any works. Sorry if I'm writing off topic. Maybe anybody can help me find a free photoshop online?

  8. Which --- snapd --- [aur.archlinux.org] package work with ...


    Hello, which snapd package work with archlinux32? https://snapcraft.io/store. I you want use snapd package, you need the aur reporsitory. https://aur.archlinux.org ...

  9. archlinux32 - Chromium will not work - lxqt / Pacman ...


    Hello, since the last two "sudo pacman -Syu" my archlinux32 will not work. Chromium is not starting, the lxqt DE i can use. I go back to my save image from 10/2018.

  10. Archlinux32 on a EFI tablet / Installation / Arch Linux 32 ...


    14.01.2018 · I have an old shitty local market tablet which runs a heavely restricted version of Windows 8. It served no use until now because all specs are low end but recently yesterday I decided to started tinker with it after the new alpine linux release got out.