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  1. bernadoanon's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  2. Can't add repo-ck / Mirrors / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Hey guys, I can't make this thing work no matter what I do! I followed the instructions to a T & its still just rejecting it, please somebody help me with this thing!

  3. keyboard layout not honored on boot / Kernel & Hardware ...


    Greetings to everyone, my system resets to us keyboard layout after every reboot and ignores the /etc/vconsole.conf i have created during install; i am fairly certain i have written correctly everything.

  4. Qemu not working with kernel >= 4.14 / Kernel & Hardware ...


    Good evening, I have a problem starting qemu with kernel >= 4.14. Qemu runs, but the VM is not booting, either with the 4.16.7 nor with 4.14.39.

  5. libmariadbclient and mariadb-clients / Pacman / Pacman ...


    they are both in testing, does the issue still persist (and yes, they _should_ be updated simultanously, but it's not working yet)

  6. Error while upgrading: not overwriting dir with file /usr ...


    In general it's a good idea to go through all of the Archlinux announcement and to do, what they tell you to do.. :-)

  7. [SOLVED]community/opera / Creating/Maintaining Packages ...


    Can confirm this on testing repos (and I suspect the same is true for stable):

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  9. community/nsnail / Creating/Maintaining Packages / Arch ...


    So no 32-bit Intel, complain upstream (to the authors) if you need support. Offline. Pages: 1

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