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  3. exfat-utils 1.3.0-1.0 won't mount drives with udevil ...


    As far as I can tell, neither udevil or exfat-utils have been updated since before last November. Is this a new bug, or have you just started using this?

  4. [SOLVED] libsasl (2.1.27-1.0) breaks dependency 'libsasl=2 ...


    hmm, I'll need to check a few lines in the buildmaster - it appears, that the version information was ignored. I moved cyrus-sasl* to stable

  5. [SOLVED] cannot resolve jdk10-openjdk dependencies ...


    Looks like packages need to be pushed from testing. If I run my check script without excluding testing, it works, but as soon as I exclude the testing repo from the check, it reports these as missing.

  6. [SOLVED] encfs error after upgrading / Pacman / Pacman ...


    On github.com I can see that this version has errors. I cannot create account in bugs.archlinux32.org. Could administrators upgrade encfs to last version, please?

  7. archlinux32 - Falkon will not work - lxqt / Pacman ...


    26.11.2018 · Falkon is not starting, the lxqt DE i can use. I go back to my save image from 10/2018. This image is working. How can i solved my problem? Did archlinux32 lxqt have a problem at this time?

  8. netsurf and libcss broken / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades ...


    I don't actually need netsurf, and have proved pacman doesn't think I need libcss. I think I'll remove both; I think I only installed netsurf to see where it was at these days.

  9. AUR packages / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch Linux 32 …


    30.01.2018 · AUR packages may or may not work for i686 without modification, it's up to the maintainer. These packages aren't "official" and weren't subject to removal.

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