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  1. Custom glibc for 2.6.32 kernel / Building / Arch Linux 32 ...


    03.06.2018 · For some reason, I need to run node.js binary from ArchLinux chrooted on a Centos 6 system which runs 2.6.32 kernel. At some point (I don't remember when exactly) the code stopped to run with the infamous "FATAL: Kernel too old" message.

  2. [SOLVED] mplayer not working since update to ffmpeg 1.4.0 ...


    Trouble is, ffmpeg ships a newer version of that file. For me, it's been this way since ffmpeg-1:4.0 came around. As I recall, when that first popped up, I tried creating links to the old lib version names, and ended up creating a good half dozen links by the time mplayer got to the next stage.

  3. Uefi error with archiso32 / Building / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    05.08.2019 · Is there any x86-32 only hardware with a UEFI based bootloader, over a BIOS one? I have a first-gen core based server which can run Arch64 just fine but still has an older style bios.

  4. arch32yes's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  5. Unable to install awesome wm / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades ...


    Your mirrorlist seems to be out of date. A quick check reveals the simplysam url isn't in my newest mirrorlist. I was able to download libxdg-basedir using my ...

  6. god's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  7. libreoffice-fresh depends on multiple versions of icu ...


    It works as expected if you manually copy libicu*.so.63* from the package file to /usr/lib/ while keeping icu-64 installed. I know the icu update broke things, but this seemed like a different issue from just out-of-sync builds, so I thought it warranted a post.

  8. Testing archlinux-2017.10.01-i686.iso / Installation ...


    05.10.2017 · Re: Testing archlinux-2017.10.01-i686.iso The mirror issue is most probably, because you do not resolve opennic tlds. .oss is not a tld resolvable via the "usual" dns servers (like or most isp's dns servers).

  9. [Kodi] [Pentium4] crash on missing libcdio.so.18 (out of ...


    Greetings to everyone, as the title says on my computer Kodi crash with complaining of a missing so library (libcdio.so.18) I have checked and libcdio is installed but has an higher version (libcdio.so.19); since this is a new installation i can t downgrade

  10. php71 and php are in conflict. Remove php? [Solved ...


    30.03.2018 · I presume this is because of nextcloud. However, I have other things running with my http server (apache2) than nextcloud, so I wonder if it is safe to remove php.