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  1. snapd and archlinux32 / Installation / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    I can not find a package called snapd in the arch32 repos. That url is also 503ing for me, but doesn't appear to be a currently active repository.

  2. community/python-pifpaf / Creating/Maintaining Packages ...


    If consul is excluded from checkdepends, like mongodb is already, then the test runs fine. My guess: consul is broken, so the test cannot succeed.

  3. TSnake41's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Username TSnake41 Title Member. User activity. Posts 2 - Show all topics - Show all posts Last post

  4. <![CDATA[Arch Linux 32 Forums / [SOLVED] virtualbox-guest ...


    Update Nov 3 2017: The Guest Additions image with the 5.2.0 release had problems with a number of Linux guest systems. Please try this image which we believe fixes several of these.

  5. [Fixed] KDE Plasma Issue: no system tray / System ...


    Hi, I'm experiencing several issue with KDE Plasma desktop: The system tray and other plasma applets have stopped showing up in the panel. I can't right-click on the desktop anymore

  6. tyzoid's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Username tyzoid Title Administrator Real name Tyler Dence Location Ann Arbor, MI

  7. [SOLVED] mirrorlist suggestion / Mirrors / Arch Linux 32 ...


    27.01.2018 · [SOLVED] mirrorlist suggestion. On the old Arch mirrorlist, the comments all had two hashtags and the servers all had one hashtag. This made it very convenient to simply do a . sed -i s/#// mirrorlist. to strip the first hashtag and get a working mirrorlist.

  8. Spam issue / System Administration / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Over at ArchBang we use SpamBarrier plugin and it stopped 99% of the spam we were getting.. HTH

  9. community/dophin-emu / Creating/Maintaining Packages ...


    For now doing exactly that, enabling -DENABLE_GENERIC. Offline. Pages: 1

  10. deep42thought's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Username deep42thought Title Administrator Real name Erich Eckner Location Jena, Germany