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  1. rascholer's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  2. kbd not taken into account (solved) / Installation / Arch ...


    Hello, kbd is installed Nevertheless after boot, I get console in qwert. When I: $loadkeys fr. I go to azert. My vconsole.conf is

  3. [SOLVED] warning: cannot resolve "libspeechd=0.8.8-2.0", a ...


    FWIW, libspeechd 0.8.8-2.0 is available in the testing repo, so hopefully can be promoted to stable without too much trouble (it claims to have no dependencies downstream).

  4. [Solved]cannot resolve "protobuf=", a dependency of ...


    22.11.2018 · By selecting "y" package is skipped and I can upgrade other ones without any problem. In order to provide more informations:

  5. [Solved] Updating Linux kernel/firmware / Pacman / Pacman ...


    24.01.2019 · Hi all, Tried posting this on arch forums but the n*bheads over there wouldn't help me cos its not 64-bit, anyway... I accidentally downloaded an older version of the installer, which I didn't think would be a problem as by updating through pacman should update to latest kernel etc.

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  7. confusion about network configuration / Servers ...


    Hi, I did a re-installation and installed wicd again because this was the network manager I used before. I stopped all other other network services but don't get the wired connection into proper operation.

  8. Mr Green's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  9. [SOLVED] chromium fails to launch, missing library ...


    24.05.2018 · Al Einstein: "Man soll die Dinge so einfach machen wie möglich ~ aber nicht einfacher." (Things should be as simple as possible ~ but not too simple.) ~ Al (Einstein) war ein Cousin von Albert, "Al" ist die Abkürzung für Alphonse

  10. Arch32 Archive Online / Mirrors / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Hi all, I recently set up the Arch32 Archive: http://archive.arch32.tyzoid.com/repos/2018/ The 2017 folder contains a mirror of i686 from the official ALA.