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  1. #FS links to Archlinux Flyspray / Building / Arch Linux 32 ...


    to get the respective package blocked for the respective reason. Other possible actions, implemented so far are to "unblock" a package and to "stabilize" a package (e.g. …

  2. I think something is wrong with mirror.archlinux32.org ...


    sry, my colleague fucked up that network segment (I didn't know it was possible): some other box on that router crashed and apparently blocked the whole router :-/

  3. "Cannot mix incompatible Qt library" for some Qt apps ...


    Hi devs, The following message appears and causes sddm, kwin and plasmashell to segfault and essentially prevents login to plasma DE:

  4. LXQt & Qt5-5.13.0 - lxqt-panel problem? / Pacman / Pacman ...


    Just to reiterate that I am still getting a segfault with both lxqt-panel and qterminal with Qt5-5.13.0 ..... I see that there are updates to components in staging and community-staging and have used these new versions but am still seeing segfaults.

  5. [SOLVED] git repository certificate expired / Installation ...


    I was trying to get the current mirrorlist from the link on the web site but was stymied due to the certificate for git.archlinux32.org being expired.

  6. problem with updating: / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch ...


    thanks i did what you suggested in the last comment on your post. first i upgraded glibc. then i did again pacman -Syu but now i get this:

  7. community/rust / Creating/Maintaining Packages / Arch ...


    I've got rust building again. It's a fairly lengthy process to get up-to-date with 1.32.0, but it will get there eventually. The main change needed is to edit `config.toml` and add a target section for i686:

  8. Pacman / Pacman Upgrades (Page 3) / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Topic Replies Views Last post; 61. libreoffice-fresh 6.1.1-1.0 needs to be rebuilt against icu 63.1-2.0 by rascholer

  9. donations / Testing / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Is it possible to donate to this distribution? I do not see any option. (Sorry for posting in the inappropriate forum. I do not know where my post fits.)

  10. extra/bluez / Creating/Maintaining Packages / Arch Linux ...


    I'm not sure why it didn't happen before, but `bluez-5.50-6` wouldn't build cleanly instead complaining about undeclared variables: