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  1. community/virtualbox / Creating/Maintaining Packages ...


    Mmh. Weird. Builds without any problems on my machine. Maybe the number of parallel build jobs is too high. I'm just building with -j1.

  2. compiling chromium 75.0.3770.80 and ungoogled chromium ...


    Hello. I wrote a long ass post but when i clicked on "Submit" I got logged out and the post was lost. I managed to compile chromium on archlinux32

  3. linux-pae / Kernel & Hardware / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    18.06.2019 · The cleanest way (= least maintenance burden) besides compiling the aur package would be to add another split target to the linux package, which uses the same config and patches "CONFIG_X86_PAE=y" into that.

  4. noreply@archlinux32.org sending Spam ? / Creating ...


    18.02.2019 · Can you post the intitial Received: lines? You shouldn't need to post any received lines from after it gets inside google's domain, but there may be some previous lines that indicate it's actual mail path (although it's always possible to prepend some fake ones, they should be true after a point).

  5. Problem running arduino and java / Pacman / Pacman ...


    From the java stacktrace, it seems it's trying to load a jar file from inside a zip and crashes trying to unpack the zip file. That SIGSEGV seems to have various causes but the most likely to be seem to be either a null pointer dereference or the exhaustion of virtual memory, but there's always the possibility I'm misreading the docs.

  6. [Solved] Can´t Update - PGP Signature Fail / Pacman ...


    20.06.2019 · @myhost ~]$ sudo pacman -S pacman [sudo] Passwort für arch: Löse Abhängigkeiten auf... Suche nach in Konflikt stehenden Paketen... Pakete (1) pacman-5.1.3-1.6 Gesamtgröße der installierten Pakete: 5,13 MiB Größendifferenz der Aktualisierung: 0,00 MiB :: Installation fortsetzen?

  7. Press Review / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Topic Replies Views Last post; 1. Sticky: In print by andreas_baumann

  8. <![CDATA[Arch Linux 32 Forums]]>


    pyalpm had build issues lately (in check(): "no module named pyalpm") - are you sure, those resolved yet? Also I doubt, that it only affects new build-chroots, because the packages in the buildroot get updated before building - no matter what.

  9. <![CDATA[Arch Linux 32 Forums / Installation of pentium4 ...


    If you rename platforms, then everyone will find AUR packages won't build for them by default. All it takes it the redefinition of a couple of variables in the PKGBUILD, and as I see it people need to understand PKGBUILDs if they're using AUR; you do review them before …

  10. Español / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Topic Replies Views Last post; 1. Simplemente ¡Gracias! by armandopk