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  1. Mirrors / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    07.03.2019 · Topic Replies Views Last post; 1. Mirror Pool by tyzoid

  2. [SOLVED] Network does not start at boot with 5.2.1 kernel ...


    04.08.2019 · I've been waiting for the release of an "official" 5.2.x kernel for a week to see if I did something wrong. I normally compile my own kernel when a new release comes out, but when 5.2 came out, one of my systems would not connect to the network.

  3. hm's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  4. Problems with boot up / Installation / Arch Linux 32 Forums


    30.03.2018 · my wife's laptop is currently on windows xp. had puppy linux and debian stretch on it and decided to go back to windows because i couldn't get unetbootin to work in linux since the internal dvd drive is having problems, and i wanted archlinux32 on it since i just installed it on my own pc. i downloaded the iso image and used unetbootin to load ...

  5. Which ---- flatpak ---- package work with archlinux32 ...


    20.11.2018 · Ah, okay. I'd not heard of flatpack before you mentioned it here, so I certainly don't have a list of what works and what doesn't. I don't know if anyone else around these parts use …

  6. cannot set enable at boot vconsole-setup.service ...


    17.09.2018 · You could presumably start it in your .bashrc or somewhere (though it may need a guard to stop it being restarted with every new shell, I guess), although that would leave you logging in via the old font assuming you aren't running some kind of display manager to autostart X.

  7. Nikitastepanov's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  8. P-z's profile / Arch Linux 32 Forums


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  9. What constitutes an i686? AMD K6-2+ is not one ...


    08.03.2019 · i486 has no CMOV, MMX, SSE, SSE2 i686 assumes to have CMOV, MMX, SSE (but no SSE2) pentium4 also assumes SSE2 to be present. MMX came in with Pentium MMX, just i586 had none.

  10. new packages pentium4 / Pacman / Pacman Upgrades / Arch ...


    01.07.2019 · the right way is to keep pacman.conf as-is and recompile the AUR package - most probably after adding "pentium4" to the "arch=()" array. regards,