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  1. Where can I find your archlinux32 PKGBUILDs? / Building ...


    06.02.2018 · Hello! Where can I find your archlinux32 PKGBUILDs which I would be able to git clone like on Arch Linux? I guess there might not be any such centralized service, yet.

  2. Ran system upgrade, getting "version `GLIBC_2.28' not ...


    18.08.2018 · It's unfortunate for sure, but this is a small community project ever since Archlinux mainline dropped i686 support as being uneconomic. We're all testing the distribution at this stage, although this shows they could perhaps do with a test setup that actually tests the coherence of the non-test repos.

  3. Archlinux i686 EOL announced ... - Arch Linux 32 Forums


    Following 9 months of deprecation period, support for the i686 architecture effectively ends today. By the end of November, i686 packages will be removed from our mirrors and later from the packages archive.

  4. since AUG 16TH, 2019 "pacman -Syu" LXQt starts very slow ...


    I have some ideas: - baloo is running an killing performance (at least, that's what xfce4 is doing) - some daemons are not started and you hit some timeouts, those would be

  5. <![CDATA[Arch Linux 32 Forums / New massive update broke ...


    @andreas_baumann Yes, things are looking very good now. I can't say enough thanks for your work on the project. I still have some pentiums doing some real work, so I appreciate it.

  6. Ran system upgrade, getting "version `GLIBC_2.28' not ...


    26.08.2018 · If there was no output, it sounds to me like the initial ramdisk was scrambled somehow. Who knows for sure though, and I'm glad you've found a way forward and haven't been put off using arch32 too badly yet!

  7. Arch Linux 32 Forums


    For discussion regarding adding and maintaining the packages in the Arch Linux 32 repository.

  8. First time user of Archlinux.... / Installation / Arch ...


    08.07.2018 · Does it? I'm pretty sure I installed archlinux originally back on my P3 server with around 64MB of RAM. Now that was a dual arch CD ROM so maybe the ISO was split in half somehow, but half a CDROM is still 350MB, but that was still more RAM than that machine came with.

  9. libQt5Core.so.5: No such file or directory after system ...


    15.04.2018 · I cannot really reproduce it neither on testing nor on stable. What are your versions of the packages 'qt5-base' and 'konsole'? Looks to me like qt5-base is something like 5.10.0-4.0 given size and last modification date:

  10. PGP key problem when updating ystetm / Pacman / Pacman ...


    02.06.2018 · And the latest for every packages. Then every downloaded package are deleted from the cache. What can I do to run the update? Last edited by anselm (2017-11-21 01:23:03)